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Help children become even more independent in the kitchen!

Cutting, spreading, preparing... all while having fun! Our range of kids' products makes every step in the kitchen fun for children and allows them to become as independent as possible. Over 200,000 children are already cooking with Chefclub Kids. Boost your Child's Independence by today!

Cutting with peace of mind

First reviews from France

He received this knife as a birthday present! He always wants to help me in the kitchen. Now he has his own knife and I feel reassured when he uses it.


The knife has been approved by my 2 children (4 and 7 years old). They are delighted that I no longer have to intervene to protect their little fingers. Now they can cook like adults.


It is really great and adapted to children. The knife is perfectly suited for both right and left-handed kids. It is just great.


Measuring and calculating

Great product. My daughter uses them all the time

Anni C

Very easy to use with preschool children.


Very fun and super practical. My child feels independent thanks to the colors and characters.


Preparation is so easy

The products are exactly like the pictures and very fun for the kids. Very nice. The perfect way to introduce children to baking/cooking.


Perfect. Well adapted to children. My granddaughter and grandson are delighted. They love it. It's been a great investment.


The utensils are very well adapted for children. My little niece is 3 and a half and she is just delighted!


Roll out to desired thickness

Roll out to desired thickness

First reviews from France

The rolling pin is perfect. The children can use it quite easily.


I received it quickly, and it's exactly like the description says. It's adapted to the small hands of children.


Very good quality and the rings are great for adjusting the thickness. I am really satisfied, my child loves it!


Staying clean

Staying clean

My girls love it! Great quality!


Superb apron, very practical to attach, my daughter loves it!


It's such a cute apron and good quality too! I highly recommend it!


Read a recipe

Read a recipe

The book is very well done, well explained, with beautiful pictures. The laminated pages are brilliant, they do not stain. I recommend it 100%.


The recipes are easy for a child to make. It's fun! The step by step process really allows my child to be independent in the kitchen. …our child spills something…


Great! Used it with my kindergarten class, and they loved it! Easy to use and very accessible to understand.

The book is laminated, the explanation is simple and the recipes are very nice.


Great book! We discover recipes and we take pleasure in making them as a family. Even my mom who is not a fan of bananas enjoyed the donuts!


Having fun in the kitchen

Having fun in the kitchen

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