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The Chef's Knife - Chefclub Kids


Chefclub's real cutting knife is designed to provide maximum safety for young children to boost their autonomy in the kitchen. 

Tested and approved by more than 200 kids over 14 months, every detail of our kids knife is designed to naturally teach proper hand positioning and chopping technique for young chefs with maximum safety: 

  • The handle: inspired by the familiar and kid-friendly shape of scissors, all 5 fingers of the holding hand are safely kept away from the blade. The non-slip soft touch handle ensures a firm grip.
  • The blade: the rounded stainless steel blade cuts all types of food and protects childrens' fingers from injury. 
  • The finger guard: designed to protect the ingredient-holding hand and teach the proper chopping technique used by experienced chefs. 

Our knife is suitable for both left- and right-handed little chefs. Recommended age: 7 and up.

The knife’s blade can be sharpened and is therefore customizable according to the child and autonomy.

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