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Rolling Pin with Adjustable Rings - Chefclub Kids


Too thick? Too thin? Uneven? Rolling dough to a desired and even thickness is child’s play with our adjustable wooden rolling pinIt’s foolproof: kids will have fun rolling dough like a pro! 

Our 11 ¾ inch rolling pin has three pairs of colorful, removable BPA-free silicone thickness rings which raise the rolling pin to the desired thickness off the counter. 

  • 1/4-inch: for rolling-out & flatten the dough
  • 3/16-inch: for cookies & pastries
  • 1/8-inch: for pizzas & pie crusts

Our smart design takes the guesswork out of rolling dough. It flattens the dough evenly and ensures uniform baking. 

Bonus! A recipe ebook comes with the product to start rolling with creativity 💡

Expand your cooking gear!
Expand your cooking gear!



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